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Middle East coronavirus vaccine was successfully tested in the US


A new experimental vaccine to combat respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the Middle East (BVRS Cove) was held in the US a number of successful clinical trials. This was announced today writes the Saudi edition of the Arab Times. The research involved researchers of the Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania).

Scientists invented the placenta chip


Employees of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have invented a placenta-chip in order to better understand the role of this body during pregnancy. The device mimics the structure and function of the placenta, simulates the transfer of nutrients from mother to fetus.

Golodets: Work on a vaccine against Ebola is normal


Work on a vaccine against Ebola is in normal operation, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, who arrived on a working visit to the principality of Monaco. «We do all right. There is a normal movement. Today we have reserved all of the major streams, and now we can not worry on this subject, «- said Golodets, answering the question of the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

5 » gold » rules, which will save from the vessels of blood clots


The risk of blood clots increases significantly in the summer, because during the heat thickens the blood and form dangerous plaques. Very often blood clots are formed in the legs. The most severe consequence of thrombosis can be a stroke, heart attack or death.

Scientists have described how ideas are born in the brain


In the US, scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in the human brain recorded the time of formation of ideas. The researchers examined the activity of brain regions using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Since the study involved 16 volunteers who provided information on scientists diet and eight features of life of extinct animals, reports Medportal.

Doctors advise pregnant women to play sports


Experts from the University of Alberta analyzed the data of 28 studies involving 5,000 women. It turned out, the risk of caesarean section was reduced by 20% if the woman kept physical activity during pregnancy. This writes The Daily Mail.

Experts have developed a way of working really vaccination against chlamydia


According to Xinhua, the scientists of the Medical University of Vienna has already managed to get positive results, so far only in mice. This is an important finding, taking into account that about 100 million people in the world come into contact with chlamydia each year, and chlamydia — one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

The researchers found in the brain map social ties


Experts from Ikanskoy Medical School have found that the hippocampus contains information about social relationships. The area of ​​the brain that helps us to remember the location and distance, also captures the extent to which we are close to other people, reports Zee News.

British scientists have found a unique vaccine against lung cancer


Doctors in the UK have opened uknikalny way to treat lung cancer. Now they will use a new vaccine that can cure even those who are on the extreme stage of the disease — is nivolumab transmits Medikforum. The product teaches the body to destroy the diseased cells that doubles the chances of patient survival.